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Kristi's Audio and Visual Messages for Expansion and Healing

Healing Artwork and Uplifiting MessagesI have been told repeatedly that there are multiple layers upon which my healing energy can affect individuals. There is a resonance not only to the healing I share through energetic connection but also to my voice ... similar to many other sound healing modalities. I know that the artwork I am producing is filled with lots of love and thought it would be profound to offers some of the messages from my blog and radio show in the format of short videos. These can be used as meditations as well. Enjoy!

If you find that you would like to work on any of these areas in which individuals can get "stuck", please contact me for a personal session. I know that sometimes knowing what is bothering us and wanting to release it isn't always enough. We may need help and a deeper connection to Source Energy. I am here for you!

Life is Meant to Be Savored ... You Are Worthy

You deserve every happiness as does every other. No one is greater. No one is lesser. I believe this is the cornerstone to health, happiness, and truly being alive on this physical journey. We are each Divine and the quality of our lives is measured in the LIVING not in the REGRETTING, WONDERING, and FEARING. Allow yourself to accept what you would freely give to others. I hope this audio/visual message of love helps you release the notion that being small will serve you or anyone else. Click to ready a blog article on this subject.

Seeing Yourself as More than SOME BODY ...
The Reality of Perfection Beyond What Meets the Eye

You are more than a body. More than this lifetime. More than your mind may have allowed you to comprehend up to this point in time. And once you can see yourself as more than SOME BODY (this body), you can see the greater purpose of your life challenges and struggles. I also know that once you move beyond everything that you currently think you know, you will find that place in which you know everything. Let's explore how we are energetically connected, allowing energy healing to occur regardless of space/time, the concept of chakras, and how your emotional and energetic bodies can affect your physical wellness and well-being. Expand your awareness beyond what you see as "reality" to find that you know much more than you ever imagined was possible. Private healing/release/activation sessions are available.

Guilt Free Decisions ...
Seeing Mistakes as Mis-Takes and Life Lessons

You are truly powerful and can change the way you perceive yourself and others. It's never too late to heal from troubling incidents and emotions. Please see your mistakes as mis-takes; it can be a key to releasing that which no longer serves you. Be compassionate with yourself! Private healing sessions are available in person or with voice connectivity via skype or telephone to facilitate sound healing. This is just a sampling of my loving energy infused artwork and my perspective on being compassionate with ourselves.

KNOWING Yourself As Powerful!
Moving from Limitation to Empowerment

Enjoy this unfolding graphic which deepens the message. I want you to consider living mindfully. Realizing that the power is in the present moment ... not reliving negativity from the past or fearing the future. Be mindful of what you focus on and what you create for yourself. What would you do realizing you are truly unlimited. Go there in your mind and visit often. Stay away from the places you don't want to go. Limit your exposure to negative programming on television and radio and definitely mute your TV when drug commercials are on air. You are not only created in God's image. You are part of that Source Energy! Ask yourself whom it serves for you to keep yourself small.

Energy Exchange

If you have been helped by these offerings, please consider providing an energetic exchange in the form of a financial donation using the PayPal button below. I will also accept checks to "Healing Resonance" via mail (contact me for mailing address).

earth day meditation
Connecting with GAIA Earth Day Group Healing Meditation of Grounding, Gratitude and Expansion

I recorded the meditation I was offering at Unity of the Seacoast on Wednesday, April 20, 2016. This meditation is a service of connection and gratitude. If you are unsure of how to connect into your heart space, please take a couple of minutes to sign up for my email list. There is an audio bonus that leads you there.


Perspective Reboot® with Kristi Borst

In November, 2014, my artwork and message were jury selected for inclusion in the 10 x 20 x 20 Pecha Kucha. This is a recreation of that presentation for your expansion, healing and empowerment.

m4a audio for android/pc/iphone/mac

"We are connected. This is how I am able, for example, to be on the phone in Maine with someone in France and instantaneously remove their pain, ease their breathing, etc. Allow yourself to see beyond that which 'we have been told'. There you will find that we are much more powerful beings than we have been led to believe or know. I hope to change that! Let me know if I can be of assistance on your journey to wellness, wholeness and ascension." Kristi

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