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Kristi BorstTrust what led you to my site and trust that I will assist you in becoming all you want to be ... leaving behind that which no longer serves you. If you have reviewed this site and have not found what you're looking for, please let me know what you need using the form below. I'd love your feedback! I'll also call you back to answer your questions, or to allow you to connect briefly with me by telephone if you need that before booking your a session.

Click HERE to send me an Email OR use Form below. Best number to reach me is 207-216-0473. Note that there's a link in the header of every page to schedule an appointment.

I am currently offering IN-PERSON appointments in Wells, Maine. REMOTE or DISTANCE HEALING session appointments are held with you in your choice of setting (quiet, undisturbed space). Booking is facilitated with an online booking system. If you are feeling particularly fragile or you cannot find a time that suits you, please contact me and I will see if I have any flexibility in my schedule.

Our relationship will be a partnership. I am happy to offer support on your quest for better health, great joy and/or being that better person you know or have dreamed you can be. I believe that we can work to release pain, trauma, self-imposed limitations, blocks, karmic debts, and ancestral burdens. I have witnessed many healing miracles ... life-changing results I would not have believed much less imagined before reconnecting with mySelf, just a few short years ago.

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We are here to live in joy and bliss ... pain and suffering don't need to be YOUR reality. Book your session today.


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